9 Musings on My Morning Email Inbox


1. A simple joke sent to a large group of people really does not need to have everyone respond ALL with “LOL”‘s, “:)”‘s, and other random illiterate replies. It really makes me wonder what kind of time others have… Oh, that’s right… they pass their work off to me.

2. I would like to turn off some of the “junk mail” I get, but then what if that company actually does send something important to me and I miss it?

3. I am very thankful for the responsible adults I work with that are able to coordinate their own travel and hotel reservations for events without involving me.  Adding me to the mix with all the itinerary requirements and what not just adds an extra step and something is sure to get neglected.

4. I do not like receiving any email from our IT guy.  I just simply do not like him.

5. UPS Quantum View updates when sending Internationally can literally fill your email inbox up.  “Package at broker,” “package cleared broker,” “package waiting for clearance,” “package cleared,”…

6. I am not the complaint department.  Be an adult and deal with it.

7. No matter how many messages you continue to send me, Facebook, I am not getting back on.

8. This new Outlook 2013 software does not function like my previous 2010 version (or whatever it was).  Searching for emails has become very difficult.  It makes it very hard for me to find things I used to find easily.

9. Kohls, I am pretty sure this is not my absolute last chance to save 20%.

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9 responses to “9 Musings on My Morning Email Inbox

      • Phew! Because au au and I have ongoing discussions, so a laugh out loud was an appropriate response.

        How about smiley faces on corporate email? I hate it (however can have full meaningful conversations with it over text) but my boss does it, so I have had to follow suit…

        • I’m the smiley face queen but I would never do it on anything ‘official’ unless it was a situation like yours with the boss and it was expected.

          Hey I also wanted to add…I used the word ‘silly’ in my earlier reply. I don’t think your blog is silly at all. I was just trying to make sure au au knew I wasn’t directing my comment at her.

  1. “Kohls, I am pretty sure this is not my absolute last chance to save 20%.” HA! I feel that way about World Market and Go Daddy.

  2. I hate respond all. I have been checking my email while I am off and half the messages I get are “copier is down” “is it working” “has service been called?” “when will it be fixed?”, etc. among the same group, over and over.

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