You Really Don’t Need to Tell People Off

Earlier this week I posted about Ike’s lame text exchange with me.

That actually happened last week.  And I have yet to reply to him about what a douche I think he is. And I will not.

Why not?

Because it just doesn’t matter. 

Obviously between that Friday night and Tuesday night, he managed to find himself a new girlfriend.  That’s cool with me.  I just wish he had been honest and said that, instead of using the lame excuse he did use.  Again, he’s not that guy.

And I just don’t think it’s necessary to call and scream at him or text him back that he is not that guy and list off all my issues with him. Everything that’s wrong with him. We are just not that invested in one another.

It’s just a waste of everyone’s time.  Namely mine.

I really don’t care; I just think it’s hilarious that he continues to be such a douche.

But as I have spent some time beginning to delete my Facebook account permanently, finally making the decision to do so, as it has become clear to me I will never go back, I kept seeing pictures of this girl I spent a bunch of time with last summer, let’s call her Penny.

See, Penny is very manipulative, shallow and boy-crazy.  I just can do without that; especially the manipulative part.  I would agree to go out with her and we would end up following some guy around all night. 

I am sorry, but to me a “girl’s night out” does not mean I follow you and your current flavor of the week around from bar to bar, bored out of my mind, being a third wheel.  Why have me go out with you anyways?  Just go out with him.

Well, what was really amusing and disappointing about Penny is that each time one of these flavor of the week’s irritated her and she decided she didn’t want to see him again, she would send him these ridiculously long text messages or emails detailing exactly every thing she thought was wrong with him.  It was demeaning and cruel.

I mean, they had like no time invested in one another!  It would seriously be a week!  How could you really know enough about someone to be so hurtful?

I would beg her not to when she would send me the drafts of the texts/emails (and seriously, who does that?).  She wouldn’t listen.

It must have really made her feel better to put these poor guys down.

I feel sorry for them that they had to meet and interact with her. (Incidentally I did save one guy from her vicious claws one time and gave him an exit plan – a story for another time!)

I feel sorry for her that she is that miserable.

You just really don’t need to tell people off.

Well, unless they are an insensitive jerk that gets fake Facebook engaged like 4 months after you tell him you lost their baby through miscarriage.  Someone who never bothers to ask you how you are after losing the baby: emotionally or physically.  Those jerk-offs, well they deserve to be told off.  Especially when said psycho bitch fake Facebook fiancé harasses you.

Those people totally need to be told off, you know, in my opinion.

One response to “You Really Don’t Need to Tell People Off

  1. However it feels at the time, I always feel awful when I tell someone off. It doesn’t change what a jerk they are. It just lets them know they got to me. (I have had to practice this over and over and over and over and over and over and……well, you get the idea, with my mother of all people.)

    Good for you for deleting Facebook. I really wish I could.

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