10 Reasons Why I Like WordPress Better Than Facebook

  1. I can write this blog *anonymously*.  [A few select friends have been granted access and I have revealed my real identity to a few new blogger friends.]
  2. I have met a lot of interesting, real people who are going through what I have been going through, who truly understand me and the recent events in my life, and don’t offer up fake words of hope and well wishes.
  3. I can be dramatic without everyone rolling their eyes and swapping messages back and forth about how dramatic and obnoxious I am being.
  4. I can be *clever* and *vague* as a form of art, instead of [see word 5 and on from #3].
  5. I can post as many times as I want each day [see word 5 and on from #3].  Or maybe you do, but then you can simply unfollow me and we won’t have to run the risk of running into each other and having an awkward conversation about the unfollowing.  And vice versa.
  6. People here share real stories, not fake, made-up or staged photo ops.
  7. I feel safe here.
  8. Bloggers are more articulate and intelligent.
  9. Bloggers don’t [in my experience] attack one another, shoot insults, or put each other down.
  10. No one corrects my grammar or spelling!
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11 responses to “10 Reasons Why I Like WordPress Better Than Facebook

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  2. I also blog anonymously, but I’m experiencing nothing near what you’re going through.

    Being unemployed (for more than a few years now), staying anonymous lets me be honest without some HR doofus looking me up and finding some reason to disqualify me from a job. However, I did reveal my blog to my contact at a job placement agency as a way of demonstrating writing skills that might not be obvious otherwise. He’s the only person I’ve told.

    Since one point of my blog is to give me a place to say things that might offend my family and friends, the anonymity serves another function for me…

  3. I agree. However, my blog sends an updated link to my facebook and twitter when I post. I figure if people who know me don’t like it, then they don’t have to read it. And sometimes I wish I were open/brave enough to just put my name out there. However, I know that my husband wouldn’t love that I talk openly about our struggles. Even though people we know read my blogs, the fact that I don’t use his name makes it feel somewhat private. I have noticed that certain “frenemies” seem to enjoy reading about our struggles. These people have not lost a child. So I have started a completely anonymous blog that I have yet to post in to vent about things I don’t want my “friends” to read.

  4. I agree! I was shocked when I opened up about something I hated about my past, and there was no judgment. Even on IF forums, girls can be real hateful bitches. Just terrible. Coming to WP was the best decision I ever made.

    I also remain anonymous here. I’m a freelance writer and my work is all over the Internet, so if I used my name here, people could google me and it would show up.

    And in my head I’m a major spelling and grammar Nazi (even though I make mistakes all the time) but only because I feel so proud of myself for catching it lol.

    • My best decision ever, as well! It was the first step in helping me to start to heal. I got a lot of “get over it”, “move on” , “I can’t help you” and “I don’t understand” before. The get over it’s and move ons would further irk me, but the other comments at least were at least honest. And I didn’t want to tell everyone I know for obvious reasons. Plus, one friend I considered my sister just disappeared when I told her. I know it is because she feels bad but can’t understand and doesn’t relate, but still! Here, I have found wonderful support and encouragement.

      I remain anonymous mostly because I don’t have my name anywhere on the Internet anymore, except on Linked In, because of the harassment problem I had.

      Haha! That’s actually why I wrote that! I was retreading something I posted and caught a big error. On FB, the comments would have been filled with corrections… Here, no one says anything. I do have a theory on that though. On WP, you have to be literate to write…

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. I love this. I also feel safe here. I love being able to know there are people who have been through what I’ve been through while many people in my “real” life do not even know what I’ve been through. I can be myself and talk about thinks that are on my mind and not feel like a burdon on anyone else who would have to listen to me. Its the release I’ve needed.

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